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Tuesday, 11 December 2012


James Arthur 'Impossible'

This Sunday, X Factor have revealed that James Arthur is the new winner of X Factor UK. He is an amazing singer and deserves the fame his never had. He truly deserves it. His new single 'Impossible' has reach number one on the chart in about two days. This song is a catchy song but with his unique voice. I think it is the best version of the song ever sung. I think that the X Factor popularity voted have gone down but now I think everyone realises that this show is not for entertainment its to give people a chance in life to do the things they love as a career. I am going to continue watch the show and voting and I think you should as well because James Arthur would of never been discovered without the X Factor and we need singers like this in our world.
Without the X factor James might me sleeping homeless because he has before. He has also spent most of his time in foster care! His first audition blew the judges and audience away with his amazing voice. 
James has had a tough time in the past- his parents split up when he was young and he volunteered himself to go into foster care because his parents had so many bad feelings to each other till eventually it go too much for his to take. He had admitted sleeping rough in the past. He decided to enter the X Factor at last minute as his friend told him he had nothing to loose. He writes his own songs, raps and plays the guitar. 
He is truly talented.
This is his winning performance:

Now watch this, this is his first performance:

He is an inspiration. Make sure you but his song on iTunes.
Bye for now ;) xo