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Tuesday, 11 September 2012

First Post

Hi Everyone. As you may have realised this is my first post of many unique posts. I would like to tell you about my interesting fun page full of fun and knowledge to do with media and why I choose to write a blog on the latest mad media. You may be thinking is this blog going to be like all the other media blogs but the answer is 'no'. My blog is going to be different as well as me writing about my favourite/ worst/ just seen, music/ movies/ tv programmes/ celebrities and media at the moment I want to hear about yours and I would like you to suggest things I can write about. I also will be holding a pole which will last two weeks, I call it 'The Battle of the Best' I would like you to vote between the options I give you and the one that wins, I will to post a review about. I will also will be doing ' Weeks Worst Movie' which is were every week I will reveal one of the worst movies i've seen. I will also be doing 'Magic Media' which is were I will reveal one of my favourite songs. I will also post pictures, videos, music videos, quotes and lots of interesting things which I hope you will enjoy as much as me. My aim is to keep this blog lively, bubbly and fun. I hope you are interested in my blog because my blog is not about me its about us and I want to have you help on my posts. Please follow my blog to find out more original ideas I am putting in this blog and help me keep it lively. Thank you for Reading.

-Media Girl :)

 My Favourite Quote. Please comment what is your favourite quote.

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